Nov. 24th, 2011

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Hey, safe holiday, folks!

Please note that I have opened up tags (keywords), so all users (who post) can add their own, as well as use existing tags. It would be great if, when you're bored sometimes, you could add tags to your past posts, so people from the future can access them.

Also, longish posts mostly go under an LJ cut. Just a reminder. Thanks! Oh, an PS: Many of you may feel otherwise, but no, "How to cook a turkey," is not a crisis. :)
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Not quite an Emergency, but the mod invited us to post here.  So thank you for any help.

My co-writer and I wrote a book for low income singles, two groups often neglected with budgeting books.  It's fairly cheap, but in the interest of making it freely available to those most in need of financial advice, we're asking you to ask your library to buy a copy.  This Amazon listing shows the ISBN number and all necessary info.

Since I was asked elsewhere: This is U.S. centric book.  I'd love to do editions for other countries, but one thing at a time. :)

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