Apr. 10th, 2015

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Long-time LJ friend, [livejournal.com profile] glitterophelia, has been in hard times in the past. She suffered an illness which affects her cognition - just like me! - and also had a leg injury which put her in a freaking wheelchair. I really hurt for her!

I have sent her food, etc., in the past, despite my own poverty. She has kids.

Now, she is being forced to move. She has a, "new home," fund, but don't be confused - she is not looking for some sprawling ranch - she is on the verge of homelessness!

So - if any of you have some cash you don't REALLY need, please help at least one person, and her family. She tries as much as she can - and sells jewelry, etc., online!

Here ya go - here is her donation site - please help - http://www.gofundme.com/qabgbbc .
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VIDEO: First look at tornado damage in Fairdale, Rochelle IL - http://abc7chicago.com/weather/video-first-look-at-tornado-damage-in-fairdale-rochelle-il/647423/

How you can help Illinois tornado victims -
ROCHELLE, Ill. — At least two tornadoes unleashed incredible destruction through north central Illinois. One person is dead, and several others are injured. Some people are also unaccounted for. Many WGN viewers have asked how they can help the victims of the severe weather that hit northern ... - http://wgntv.com/2015/04/10/how-you-can-help-illinois-tornado-victims/

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